Promotion of the book with unique contents Testimonies of a Time – of the Marketing World Then and Now, began. Yes, yes, you have read it correctly – the promotion began, since this is a work not promoted as usually, by the authors under assistance of a few selected experts. The Marketing World, the publisher of TABU magazine, decided for a different approach – the book presentation „at five panel discussions in line“, which will be held by the end of this year. On behalf of the publisher, the promotion – more precisely the introduction panel discussion was led skilled and intriguing by Žozef Lončar, a marketing expert..

The first panel discussion was held on July 24, 2018 at Belgrade Fair and by its contents it has got the essential introduction into the understanding of marketing philosophy and its implementation skills. Beside the information the book was written by 88 authors, 83 of them from Serbia, three authors are from Croatia and one each from Slovenia and the United States of America, the first panel discussion was used to present the essence of this unusual book. Its contents are not theoretical contributions, but many practical examples of the marketing philosophy implementation, containing a dosis of criticism and mostly featuring the marketing situation in Serbia.

The Ambassadors of Marketing Applied Philosophy

At the first panel discussion of the planned five ones, created for a specific promotion of the book Testimonies of a Time – of the Marketing World Then and Now, a chart and plaquette were awarded to the individuals significantly different in the marketing branch from the others, were successful and left the indelible trace in it.

The first members of the Club of the Ambassadors of Honor of the Marketing Applied Philosophy, “the people ahead of their time“ and holders of this unique professional award are Mirjana Zeković, Nikola Stojšić, Nikola Pavićić, Rade Svilar, Miodrag Babić, Miroslav Šutić, Jovan Tomović and Dragoljub Vukadinović, as well as Professors Dr. Karolj Kasaš, Miladin M. Ševarlić and Milivoje Pavlović.

The authors’ contributions the book consists of are free scripts speaking about the advertisement and market communications establishing time, up to the establishing and development of marketing and similar subjects. The authors were also involved in the development of public relations, digital marketing, the Internet use in the communications development, the political ones but also marketing in the various fields of the economy and society.

These topics were spoken by Tatjana Mamula, Ph.D., CEO of MASMI Research Agency, Miroslav Šutić, Founder of the oldest Marketing Research Agency PARTNER, Miša Lukić, Founder and CEO of the new established agency New Strategy, Businnes Design Consulting and Igor Černiševski, whose basic interest is in digital marketing and he is an employee of the specialized agency Direct Media. The Panel Discussion Moderator was Milica Slijepčević, Ph.D., Marketing Director of Dunav Insurance Company and the discussion was animated by Gordana Vlajić, “grown up under the hammer” of MARK-PLAN.