The Rural Household of Banjac Family manufactures wines from supreme grape types, grown only in its own vineyards at the area of two hectares. The Wine Cellar of Banjac Family carries our winegrowing and wine manufacturing in the village of Klekovci, seven kilometers far from Kozarska Dubica, at the height of 200 meters above sea level, at a location extremely convenient for winegrowing. Banjac Family wines are characteristic for the quality only small manufacturers can achieve those carefully fostering limited quantities of grape and wine.
At this year’s Wine Fair, The Rural Household of Banjac Family participates as one of the rare exhibitors registered for the rural tourism dealing. It offers wine tourists wine tasting in the tasting room, a visit to the wine cellar and vineyard with the homemade food.

It manufactures Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Cuvee Grabik (Traminer, Muscat, Laški Riesling and Pinot), as well as Blue Pinot. They are proud to highlight the natural approach in the production, under the maximal respect and pointing out of the wine terroir.