As a regional leader in exhibition activities and a member of the most prominent, large and extremely powerful community of major world exhibitions, the Belgrade Fair has been and remains a mainstay for connecting the world economy with the region and promoting the domestic across the world since its beginnings in 1937.

With close to 50 trade exhibitions a year, such as Belgrade Book Fairs, Motor Show, Furniture Fair, Building Trade Fair SEEBBE, Fair of Technics, Fair of Tourism and others, The Belgrade Fair has reached undoubted world heights. This company is a model driver not only of economic, but also cultural and educational trends in Serbia and this part of Europe.

The Belgrade Fair entered the era marked by “Covid-19” with almost 65 million hosted visitors and more than 3,200 organized events, at which about 500 thousand exhibitors from 180 countries presented themselves. For exceptional successes in its work, the Belgrade Fair is awarded numerous international and domestic recognitions of the highest rank.