Djordje Balasevic, a man who, from the turbulent bonaca of the “Pannonian Sea”, managed to unite friends and enemies, thieves and honest people, reality and fiction, good and bad, rich and poor, whole countries with lonely travelers through time, he died in Novi Sad at the age of 67.

Djordje was one of the most famous musical philosophers and poetic galleons in the turbulent climate between Triglav and Vardar. To all who loved him and especially to those who did not, and those who did not respect him anyway, he left a legacy of fabulous musical and poetic treasure. Without which our national, cultural, musical, and even political treasury would be less worthy in a better part of the world in which we all seek and recognize each other.

The celebrated fighter of thought and knight of the spirit was at the Belgrade Fair on two occasions, both times during the Book Fair. For the first time, at the 2017 Book Fair, he promoted and signed his fourth book “Calendar of my childhood”, based on personal memories of growing up and the people who left a mark in his life. He presented his sixth and last book, “A Book That Doesn’t Exist”, to hundreds of his excited admirers at the 2018 Book Fair. He himself defined it as “a fairy tale for children and children disguised as adults”.

Djordje Balasevic will be missed by everyone who breathed the Balkan air for even one minute and believed that everything that was ever here for anxiety and restlessness gave Djordje a deeper, certainly angelic meaning.