Demetra RB Company is represented by a Lorberg plant nursery from Germany and as such they will appear together at this year’s BeoPlantFair Horticultural Fair.

Flower Nursery Lorberg, Germany

The sales exhibition of the famous German plant nursery Lorberg is another tempting reasons to visit this year’s Horticultural Fair.

Lorberg plant nursery was founded in Berlin in 1843. Today, in its sixth generation – it is on the rise. Back in the nineties the company moved to Tremmen.

Branch offices in Klein Ziethen and Baden-Baden were opened in 2003 and 2007. A wide variety of seedlings are cultivated at production sites of more than 800 acres according to modern principles and technologies, always of the best Lorberg quality.

Demetra RB

Demetra RB

Demetra RB Company is a company specialized in rendering complete professional services in the field of landscape architecture and horticulture.

Founded in 1992, headquartered in Belgrade, they operate and are recommended by the principles according to which they run their business: knowledge and respect for nature, respect and protection of clients’ interests, know-how, experience and efficiency.

Owing to high standards in business operations over the years, a large number of service users have brought reputation to this company. Today, it is considered a reliable partner that is able to meet the clients’ needs in the field of design development, execution and maintenance of green areas at any time.

The exceptional projects they have performed so far according to LEED standards are the UAE embassy and Usce Shopping Center.