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Belgrade Fair and Technical Fair Presented at The Museum of Modern Art in New York

The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA in New York is not only the first Museum of Modern Art in the USA (1929), but also one of the most influential Museums of Modern Art in the world. The Museum Collection is a superb review of the modern and contemporary art, including the works of architecture,

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Innovations, Robots, Drones… Video Version

It is famous for innovations and the latest achievements, novelties and patents making life and work easier – International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements. For the next, 63rd edition preparations are very much underway at Belgrade Fair and you at YouTube channel look what the brief version of the 62nd Technical Fair looked like.

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After the 62nd International Technical Fair: The Result to Praise

The International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, held on May 21 – 25, the most respected, largest and oldest regional fair event devoted to technics, technical/technological achievements and innovations, confirmed its undoubtedly high rating also this year, not only as the presentation point of the current technical/technological civilisation, but also as a representative section of the regional and global

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Another Wonder Machine “Went Away” – EUR.500,000 Again

Those who thought the big jobs stage at this certainly business Fair was finished by the sale to Evrotehna of the metal sheet punching machine TruPunch 5000, the most productive machine of this type in the world, exhibited at the stand of S. V. Line company, for half a million Euros, already on the first day of the Technical

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Do not miss this day, either

Wednesday, May 23, at the Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements will also be remembered, beside the ‘regular’ exhibiting program, by the outstanding professional and side event ones, as well. From “early morning” to the evening, the Republic Competition of Mechanical High Schools ‘The Young Welder 2018’ takes place at the Hall 2C.

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Actors as Skilled Amateurs in Drone Control

In the context “like this or like that”, the drones have been famous, but also intriguing to the general public for some time. The Technical Fair was used as the real opportunity for the general public to find out more about them, to see the capabilities of these technical / technological contemporary devices, but also to try controlling these multipurpose

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Exclusive History of RTS and Technical Fair: Be a Speaker, Host, Actor…

In 1958, within the new Belgrade Fair construction, which renewed its after war operation in the previous year 1957, a building for the television studio was designed, as well. When the building was finished, in autumn 1958, it was the first facility not only in Yugoslavia, but also in the major part of Europe, designed and built only for

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