Total Future Gaming Belgrade, a business fair event devoted to the games of chance, is held on May 24 – 25, at Belgrade Fair. This year’s event is the ninth edition, organized by Multi Solution Consult.

The games of chance have been belonging to the increasing market for many years. Thus, the event organizer features to this business holders global innovations annually and enable them “to keep pace” with the global trends, to see and purchase state-of-the-art equipment, software support and the related services in this branch.

Total Future Gaming Belgrade became the best and most visited event of this type in Southeast Europe, the venue of gathering the game of chance organizers, but also all passionate players.

Association of Gambling Providers

One of the traditional event attendees is also AGP – Association of Gambling Providers. “It is possible to stop” is the motto of the AGP at this year’s event, featuring the program of the game of chance addiction prevention. This is the program successfully executed by the Association for more than five years, under cooperation with the Special Hospital for Addiction Diseases in Theodore Dreiser Street in Belgrade. The prevention program is accepted also by international experts.