Belgrade Fair

In September, the month of autumn fair season, everything is ready for a new series of extraordinary specialized economic and cultural events at Belgrade Fair.

In addition to slogan “A place that has been seen by the world”, Belgrade Fair remains a gathering place for numerous domestic and foreign participants, a place for promotion and presentation, new business ventures, sales, exchange of experience among members of industry, as well as an opportunity for a direct meeting with consumers and interested audience.

The Autumn Festival of Manifestations at Belgrade Fair will host the 41st GRAFIMA International Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry Fair. Regional professionals will gather together between 25 and 28 September 2019 under the slogan “More Colors!” and therefore present the achievements of the world technology in the graphic and machine industry, publishing and print media, sophisticated advanced technology, dedicated IT sphere, design hardware and software, as well as in all creative and artistic graphic genres.

Alongside Grafima Fair, BIRO-EXPO, the 27th International Information and Office Equipment Fair will be traditionally held complete with a whole host of office equipment, machines and accessories used in the office, office furniture and materials, business accessories and gifts, as well as decorative and photo programs.

Two business events in the field of energy and ecology will take place between 2 and 4 October 2019 under the slogan “The Power of Nature”. The International Energy Fair will be presented for the 15th time as the largest annual regional gathering of companies, institutions and professionals engaged in electricity, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy, energy efficiency and mining. At the same time, the 16th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resources – EcoFair, the most representative gathering of its kind in the region, will be dedicated to environmental systems and mechanisms.

Belfis 2019, a small sports break, is set to take place between 4 and 6 October, as a unique fair of its kind in the region, dedicated to the ever-growing fitness, wellness and health market.

MEDIDENT International Fair of Medicine and Dentistry will be hosted between 10 October and 12 October, followed by intensive business meetings between manufacturers, sellers and users of medical equipment, all of which will be accompanied by exchange of knowledge and experience in different fields of medicine for the 44th time now.

The Children’s Fair, scheduled between 11 and 13 October, as well as the “Touch of Paris” – the International Congress and Cosmetics Fair, between 12 and 13 October– will be traditionally held in spring and autumn.

In the calendar of cultural events of Southeastern Europe, the focal point at the end of October most certainly belongs to International Belgrade Book Fair. One of the largest fairs in Europe, the 64th International Belgrade Book Fair, will be held between 20 and 27 October at Belgrade Fair. The contribution of Belgrade Book Fair to literary creativity, education, Serbia’s reputation in the world, the promotion of domestic literature, cultural exchange with foreign countries, current literary and social issues – is enormous and indisputable.

At the same time, the 50th Education and Teaching Tools Fair, in addition to promoting learning as a lifelong process and pointing out to the importance of education and training, will offer a rich exhibition program and everything needed to equip and operate educational institutions – from pre-school to higher education institutions.

Information, Communication and Marketing Fair, the fifth in a row, with media presentations, will also enable a direct meeting with a wider audience.

Alongside the International Book Fair, an event called Equal will also be held for the purpose of informing the public about the activities carried out by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs in order to improve the life quality of all citizens.

While welcoming the events that make up both September and October programs, the Belgrade Fair reminds us that by the end of the year other traditional events will follow.

We invite you to put a couple of pictures you took from these events … not of course from every event, but 2-3 will do just fine…