At the 43rd International Building Trade Fair, ten exhibitors are stressed also by “round figures” – factories establishing anniversary. We are pointing out the anniversary companies and featuring their activity separately.

AD POLET IGK, Novi Bečej

Polet IGK from Novi Bečej celebrates the most impressive anniversary this year – 110 years since its establishing. The factory has been a member of NEXE Group since 2003, it employs 250 workmen and manufactures more than 30 million roof tiles annually. In addition to the roof tiles, Polet manufactures bricks and construction products, fresh concrete, ceramic tiles and slabs.


After half a century since its establishing, Movel is one of the leading elevator manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Movel product range includes 133 basic elevator models, as well as the equipment for them. In addition to this, the company manufactures construction hoists and platforms and escalators.


The Greek Elval company was established 40 years ago and it manufactures coated aluminum. It manufactures and sells full range of building envelope products from such coated aluminum.


Intermac has been manufacturing and selling the stone and flat glass processing machines, as well as the other ones used in the furniture manufacturing, construction branch and automotive industry for 30 years. Its product range includes CNC working centers, Waterjet cutting systems, glass cutting desks, machines for glass double edging, vertical machines and diamond tools for glass and stone. Intermac is the Biesse Group company.

MISKO s.z.t.r, Kruševac

Independent craft shop from Kruševac manufacturing wheelbarrow and construction hand tools. It has got a long experience – 25 years, tradition and recognizable quality. Its product range includes more than 50 various products. —

TRISTREL d.o.o, Niš

Tristrel company was established 25 years ago. It has been the official distributer of SKF for 20 years and ten years ago it became also a distributer of Henkel. Mol, Shell and Neotex are also partners of this company from Niš. Thus, its product range includes also products of these companies. The latest partner of Tristrel is Neotex (since 2016), Greek company manufacturing construction chemicals for liquid waterproofing, resinous flooring, reparation and energy saving products.


Waste water treatment systems and devices manufacturer from Novi Sad, present at the market for 20 years. From the product range the particularly pointed out products are biological purifiers, grease and oil separators, manholes, ducts, the air and industrial waste water treatment systems.

SOBEL d.o.o, Belgrade

It has existed for two decades, carrying out representing, imports and sales of high quality electrical equipment, intended first of all for the industry. Primary products from our offer are all purpose heating cables and Finnish electric panel radiators – convectors. Sobel also manufactures heating sections for various purposes, as well switch control units for the heating systems.

STANDARD 001 d.o.o, Novi Sad

The company has been dealing in manufacturing, sales and exports of rubber granule products, among them also parking rods, parking limits, side and edge protections, etc. for ten years. In addition to this, Standard 001 manufactures traffic signs, as well.

TUPLEKS SRB d.o.o, Belgrade

Tupleks celebrates its first anniversary this year – five years since its establishing. It is involved in distribution and sales of ventilated façade materials – aluminum composite panels, HPL compact panels, mineral acrylic panels and sub-constructions.