Uniray company from Belgrade, a participant in the International Fair of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment, will feature for the first time in Serbia the greatest global brand of towels intended for the HORECA sector – those signed as Chicopee.

This manufacturer’s brand is owned by Berry Plastics company, the biggest global manufacturer of non-woven textiles and towels, claiming for their products to be the proof that “also towels may be an artwork”.

The Coffee Towel will be featured to the Fair visitors for the first time as the only towel at the market designed to wipe coffee machines. It is resistant to the temperatures up to 250 degrees, has got the certificate from the best known global laboratories it may be in touch with food and it may be washed 40 times at the temperature of 90 degrees.

The offer will also include the best antibacterial microfiber towel; the best one for wiping of tables and working surfaces, especially branded for each buyer; J-cloths; Multipurpose Super towels; as well as the practical Microfiber Light Towel.