Vukoje 1982 Cellar will traditionally participate also in the 9th Wine Fair in Belgrade, where it will present the best and most awarded wines from its production. The last year – 2017 was very successful for Vukoje Cellar, since many new awards and medals joined numerous trophies.

At the biggest officially accepted wine competition in the world – AWC Vienna, supported also by the European Union, the Vukoje 1982 Cellar wines won 16 great awards – the golden, silver and high quality ones. Due to the strict rules of tasting and expert participation – both the local and international enologists, wine experts, sommeliers, gastronomists, wine traders and publicists, the AWC Vienna competition is the most challenging one among the global renowned wine tasting competitions. The wines of Vukoje 1982 Cellar winery found owing to high quality their place in the competition of 12,615 labels, i.e. wines manufactured in 40 countries all over the world.

Vukoje 1982 Cellar has been gaining Asian market successfully for several years and as the crown of the devotion to its work, a large recognition from China arrived – Magic Award, awarded since 2009 in different economic and industrial branches. This year, Vukoje Cellar

is the award winner in the category Magic Wine Brand Award, but also the award for wine quality and the devotion to wine manufacturing, as well as the entire contribution to the vineyard growing, wine manufacturing and tourism.

The Vukoje Cellar wines are deemed to be the best ones in the region and they will be presented at the Belgrade event. In addition to the wine tasting, Vukoje Cellar will feature to the visitors also the tourism potentials Vukoje Cellar has got and the facilities visited annually by many wine pilgrims and tourists in general – Emperor’s Vineyards from the year 1894, with the Winegrower’s House, Pergola Villa with the restaurant with the traditional specialties, Wine Gallery, the facility considered by many people as the gastronomic Mecca of this region. It is certainly not a coincidence that this cellar is the winner of White Grape award, awarded to the best wine cellars from the tourism point of view.