On the occasion of a highly successful realization of the 63rd International Fair of Technology, the Belgrade Fair supported the winner at the national competition for the best technological innovation in Serbia in 2018.

The support went to 3F-Fit Fabricando Faber, whose project “Motimove – Pacemaker for Movements”, together with other finalists at this competition, was also presented at this year’s Technical Fair.

“Motimove” is a muscular stimulator for people paralyzed by brain or spinal cord injury, which helps people hold objects, ride a bicycle or tricycle, row, stand, walk or perform other functional movements as and when necessary, whereas the effects on the overall health of the user are far more beneficial compared to muscle building exercise.

With this donation, the Belgrade Fair will continue to support both the development and promotion of innovation and new technologies as preconditions for overall technical, technological and economic growth.