KerefekeKEREFEKE brand name, with the whole mosaic of winter accessories hidden behind it, was created by Evin Eva Pešić, Akademic painter and multiple snowboard champion, well connecting the sport passion and the love for painting. One by one part of the caps in the multicolor and geometric forms and yeat very practical in the protection against the winter days getting closer to us, form together the real image of modern design and Serbian tradition.

Beside the winter accessories, such as bandages, helmet covers, caps, as well as high quality cotton sweaters and T-shirts hand printed by screen printing.

The attention is especially attracted by the sweaters in very interesting patterns, fully printed from one edge to another one, while female sweaters, sweater dresses, cardigans, stretch trousers, etc are created for ladies. The offer includes also the accompanying details for trendsetters who cannot imagine any styling without them – bags, shawls, but also decorative cups and pillows, which may complete your home warmth or the one of your dear person you would make happy by the original gift.