The Technical Holiday, Tuesday the 24th of May, is the day when the 64th International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, after a two-year break caused by the global pandemic and geopolitical crisis, welcomes the technical, technological and scientific elite from all world meridians. The Fair will last until the 27th of May.

It’s general knowledge that precisely with the Technical Fair the new Belgrade Fair 1957 has started its historic run, becoming a foundation and the backbone of the Fair Industry of Serbia, but also the matrix from which embrace as time passed some other large specialized performances of the Belgrade Fair have come to be.

The Technical Fair is today described as a leading regional developmental-technological fair event, the most prestigious fair event of this profile and the integrator and the backbone of the economic cooperation in the field of technics, technical-technological achievements and innovation.

Under the slogan “Innovation in front of your eyes”, during four fair days, in five halls and in the open space of the Belgrade Fair, their technical-technological achievements will be presented by more than 500 direct and indirect exhibitors, production or design companies, scientific-research and educational institutions, startup projects and innovative individuals from more than 30 countries from the three continents. Almost half of the entire number of exhibitors comes from abroad. On group exhibitions exhibitors from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Republic of Srpska and Serbia will present themselves

The exhibitors will in their exhibition programs present more than 100 innovations and novelties most from the sectors covered by the industrial revolution 4.0, in robotics, laser technology application,

CNC machines, automation of production processes, measuring instruments, tools … Around half of the registered innovations are coming from domestic companies.

Almost all of the most important state and educational factor in the promotion of innovation and scientific, technical-technological research – From the Ministry of Science, Technology and Technological development, through the Center for promotion of Science and Scientific-Technological Parks, to all of the most significant educational and scientific-research institutes and institutions – will give their mark both in the exhibition and in the expert following program of the Technical Fair.

The Technical Fair has, beside the promotional, informative, scientific-research and technical-technological, decorated itself with its business potential. About which the value of commercial businesses both at and during the fair speak for, which reached millions in value.

Working hours of the 64th International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements will be from 10 to 18 hours. The price of a single ticket is 400 RSD, and parking in the area of the Fair is charged 150 RSD per hour.