The International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements is by far one of the oldest and most respected members of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and just one month before the grand opening of Fair gates, the Fair will be more than ready to proudly present itself once again in its full glory to the whole world.

This most significant regional event dedicated to development and technology, which marks its 63rd installation this year, will do its level best to present itself as the most reliable possible promoter, moderator, integrator and upholder of international economic cooperation in the field of technology, technical and technological achievements and innovations.

The “Fair of all Fairs”, as it is rightly called from the very beginning, was the first to launch the most significant specialized events at Belgrade Fair primarily those bearing a technical significance, and as such it will host over 600 exhibitors (manufacturing or design engineering companies, through scientific-research and educational institutions, start-up projects and innovative individuals) who will have the opportunity to promote their activities between 21 May and 24 May, 2019 in an elite place and in elite society under the slogan “Time for New Technologies“.

The international significance of the event itself is also reflected by the fact that almost half of the exhibitors come from abroad, from around thirty countries and from almost all continents attracting around thirty thousand visitors, among which are those who fall into category of business visitors, including many foreign ones as well. (New business benefits have been rightly introduced for business visitors such as a business pass, access to “business lounge” in the gallery of hall 1, B2B registration, as well as many more professional and business-technical services). National exhibitions and group exhibitions have been organized and many are due to arrive from the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey. This year, there has seemed to be an ever-growing interest of Chinese companies in the Fair as many of them wish to promote their equipment and machinery. Year after year, this is also an explanation and motive as to why many big “million” deals are made, some of which are made more often even publicly and directly at the exhibitors’ stands.

This time, the stress is also laid on the global technological trend, promotion of Industry 4.0 through digital technologies, complete digitization of all production processes and business networking. By linking the exhibition of tools, processing techniques, robots, software and communication lines necessary in the production processes inherent to Industry 4.0 and industrial automation in general the visitors will be able to see exhibits, projects, as well as complex process lines ranging from complex sectors such as electrical power and thermo-technical engineering, telecommunication, source power supply measurement, systems, lighting office and residential building systems, energy, industrial and home electronics, HVAC, metallurgy and foundry, transport and logistics.

Furthermore, scientific research, as one of the key lines of promotion of technical and technological achievements and innovations, will be in the center of attention of many organizers, exhibitors and visitors alike. The exhibitors themselves will proudly present more than 100 innovations. Moreover, in pre-Fair period, both Belgrade Fair and the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy have announced a water treatment project (equipment and new technologies in the field of drinking water and industrial water preparation, equipment, products and wastewater treatment process, all in cooperation with domestic manufacturers and bidders). The fair will also host six finalists of the national competition entitled “The Best Technological Innovation in Serbia in 2018”). The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development will traditionally promote scientific-research organizations and science parks, etc.”

All this is a reason as to why the 63rd Technical Fair is expected with such unhidden professional pleasure, impatience and curiosity, but also with ready-made professional solutions.