CET is one of the largest computer book publishers in Serbia.

This company published so far many titles of the computer bestsellers and many editions of theirs are used within computer education, at the courses, at higher schools and Faculties.

CET is a distributer and authorized translator for the publishing companies Microsoft Press, Wrox, Addison-Wesley, Hayden, SAMS, NRP, QUE, M&T, Sybex and many others.

New technologies and their fast development require permanent innovations and follow up of the current events, where CET manages to keep paste with time and keeps its position for years among the local computer literature publishers.

At this year’s Technical Fair, it will feature as premiere several new editions:

  • C# Assignment Collection – Miroljub Zahorjanski
  • Algorithms and their Data Structure – Dragan Urošević

The titles under preparation are also Python Relaxed, Java in 24 Hours, Computer Networking (7th Edition), etc.