The Expert Jury of Belgrade Fair has presented awards to both exhibitors and participants of the 45th International Building Trade Fair – SEEBBE – and divided them into several categories.

“NEW VISION” AWARD was presented to:

“Building Materials”category: ISOTEX S.R.L., Italy, for “Wood Cement Blocks and Floor Slabs – ISOTEX

“Construction Machinery”category: TEKNOXGROUP SRBIJA DOO, Vrcin, for “Caterpillar Excavator, model 330”,

“Information Technology in Construction Sector” category: METALPRODUKT DOO, Smederevska Palanka, for “Sheet Profiling Line- Vineyard Pole“

“Prefabricated Construction Assemblies” category: AKRIPOL-S DOO, Belgrade, for “Light Dome”,

“Building Construction Systems and Construction Sector” category: BORPLASTIKA EKO DOO, Novi Sad, for “BP Static Fluid Mixer”

“SPECIAL AWARD” was presented to:

“Building Materials” commodity group: PETER SEPPELE GESELLSCHAFT M.B.H., Austria, for “Thermofloc Cellulose Insulation”, and HART KERAMIK AG, Germany, for “LEMIX Clay Building Boards”,

“Prefabricated Building Blocks” commodity group: IZODOM 2000, Poland, for “IZODOM 2000”,

“Buildings Construction Systems and other Construction Sectors” commodity group: PELET METALAC, Obrenovac, for “Pellet Mill PM-5000”

 “SPECIAL AWARD” was presented to:

 OGANJ KOVANO GVOŽĐE, Mladenovac, for “Approach to Fair Presentation”

The expert jury was composed of: B.Sc. Igor Vjestica (President), Prof. Vesna Radojevic Phd, Zoran Stepanovic Phd, Predrag Petronijevic Phd, Nebojša Gnjatovic PhD