The leading fair event in the construction industry in the Southeast Europe region, Building Trade Fair in Belgrade, will be held on April 18 – 21, 2018 at the complete available Belgrade Fair exhibiting space.

The specialized international event includes various sections of the construction industry – from research and design, through the construction and maintenance of high building, ground level and hydro construction facilities, to featuring state of the art materials, construction machines, devices and tools. As one of the most important business trademarks of Belgrade and Serbia, the event is an ideal opportunity for the participants and visitors and an irreplaceable ambient for the premiere presentation of innovations, technical and technological solutions.

This year’s Fair layout will be innovated both in features and design.

The increased number of exhibitors in almost all construction industry branches and machines will contribute to quality, scope and attractiveness of this completely specific fair event.

The 10th International Stone Fair STONEEXPO SERBIA, the largest international fair event within natural stone and the related industry, will be featured as a special thematic unit. More than 20 global and regional countries have been announced, architects, designers, construction and urbanism sector representatives, public and private investors from Serbia and the regional countries.

Particularly important section and innovation since this year will be the introduction of two new product groups, ‘Real Estate and Investments’ and ‘Architecture and Urbanism’. The companies are expected dealing in the facility construction branch, as well as the real estate agencies and architectural offices. The Fair will feature the investment facilities, an opportunity for the local and regional contractors.

Organized manufacturer attendance within the National Exhibitions will be organized this year, as well. Thce countries, which participated in the review also before, will feature and some countries will present themselves for the first time. SEEBBE 2018 is an opportunity for market research, cooperation expansion and new project launch and for the local exhibitors this will be the way to be always in the innovation center and at the criteria level set by the global standards.

The Building Trade Fair SEEBBE has got an outstanding role in the construction branch affirmation and the leader status in the region, confirmed by many international participants and visitors. It is the venue of the expert collecting within the construction industry, architects, designers, contractors and construction machine and material manufacturers. One of the basic commercial goals of the Building Trade Fair is to make the construction, construction materials and designs more affordable. In this respect, the Fair actions and facilitations are a form part of the exhibitors’ attendance. The participants try to meet the requests of the Fair visitors and will provide their clients with exclusive Fair facilitations and 5 – 30% discounts to their products and services.

The civil construction perspective regarding the announced large construction projects of the international importance is a clear message to business partners this year’s Building Trade Fair will be the venue of business meetings, ideas exchange and agreements on various forms of business cooperation among the participants. As a venue of direct meetings and global offer, the Building Trade Fair is respectable among the contemporary global business trade fairs.