Environment friendly home appliances are a part of the exhibiting range of Gorenje company at this year’s Building Trade Fair. In accordance with the strategic orientation to the environment preservation, Gorenje home appliances are characteristic for high technology advancement, but also energy efficiency, so that both water and electric power are saved in households. Besides, some appliances are manufactured from completely recycled materials.

The new generation of EcoSmart boilers operates in accordance with specific needs of each household, which saves even 25 percent of energy. The advanced electronic control remembers the user’s needs and optimizes the energy consumption based upon this. Manufactured from completely recycled materials, these boilers are not harmful for environment and do not contain any matters hazardous for humans.

As special innovations, Gorenje kettles and tile stoves on pellet were featured, as well. Owing to the advanced BioLogic technology, they provide automatic setting of all parameters, enabling high efficiency and low burning product emission. Thus, environment pollution is considerably reduced.

Gorenje also featured the new assortment of high quality and modern designed bathroom furniture and equipment with durable antibacterial protection.