The International Specialized Fair of Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating Equipment and Fruits and Vegetables Processing Equipment – COOL & FRUVEG EXPO BALKAN, was opened at Belgrade Fair and will take place until September 15. The event organizer is A&L Expo company.

Pointing out this type event is especially interesting at the moment when the Government begins actively talking about the cooperative business, Milan Krkobabić, Minister without Portfolio, in charge for the regional development and operation coordination of public companies, declared the event festively opened.

– Development of cooperative business is the key point for the village development and in addition to 70 formed cooperatives since beginning of the year, we can expect establishing of another 500 of them in the following period. Twenty five million Euros will be provided for the cooperative business in the next three years. Thus, all those who intend to do this business should come to Belgrade Fair. The exhibitors featured at one place the goods, technologies and services and the potential cooperative founders should approach both the local and regional Cooperative Associations, said Milan Krkobabić.

At this event gathering 70 direct exhibitors and 140 specialized companies, Serbian farmers have got the opportunity to find out the possibilities for sales of our fruits and vegetables at the global market, which way to reach the market, but also how to treat in the best way and preserve their land and products.

In the COOL section the exhibitors present cooling showcases and chambers, generators, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, freezing tunnels, cooling centers and trucks and home appliances. The clients are provided with the logistic support also by other services related to the installation and repair.

The participants in the FRUVEG section exhibit machines and equipment for fruits and vegetables growing, picking, washing and processing, labeling, bar coding and measuring, quality control. The offer includes also plastic and glass greenhouses and drying plants.