AGM KNJIGA (Book) is a traditional attendee at the Energy and Environment Fairs. It is trade literature publisher within civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, renewable energy sources and lexicography.

At this year’s Energy and EcoFair, AGM Knjiga presents new editions, such as “High Voltage Switch Plants” of Milenko Đurić, “Handbook for the Installation and Device Control” of Milan Erić, “EES Elements” of Milenko Đurić, “Atmosphere Electricity” of Slobodan Plazinić.

Two books from the edition Electric Locomotive History will be presented – “From Amber to Locomotive” and “Electric Locomotives of 19th Century”, then the editions “Contemporary Electric Installations” of Miro Žarić, “Systematic Energy Management” of Dušan Gvozdenac, Zoran Morvaj and Željko Tomšić, etc.