The International Human Right Day Celebration

The 2nd National Minorities Fair under the title Harmonious Mosaic of Serbia is held on December 10 at Belgrade Fair and the International Human Right Day is celebrated at the same time. The event organizers are Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Giovernment of the Republic of Serbia and National Councils of the National Minorities – Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Roma, Montenegrin, German, Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian, Bunjevac, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Vlach, Macedonian, Greek and Ashkali.

The National Minorities feature at their stands their cultural heritage – national costumes, the old crafts, gastronomic specialties, handicrafts, publishing. Within the cultural/artistic program, the cultural/artistic bands will perform the traditional dances and songs.

The importance of this event is shown by the fact that more than 26 National Minorities live in Serbia and 21 of them have their National Council financed by the Government. The National Councils are the institutions through which the Minorities gain their rights, their heritage preservation and promotion, as well as the advancement of their position.

The Fair is open from 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m. and the entry is free of charge.

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