Bazaar Space Rent

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Within Belgrade Fair ground, there are many offices and exhibiting facilities for periodical renting for organizing cultural, sports and other events, as well as warehouse facilities.

Within the Fair ground, there is a certain number of all class restaurants, fast food booths, luxury and coffee shop / restaurants.

In addition to these facilities, there are a post office, exchange offices, a first aid facility, several transportation agencies, as well as a Customs Office within Belgrade Fair ground.

Pricelist for Bazaar space rental

Commercial space rent (closed)per m21.125,00 RSD
Raw space rent (open)per m2720,00 RSD
Commercial space rent (closed) up to 10m2per piece11.250,00 RSD
Depository rental spaceper m2548,00 RSD
Space rent (open) for catering objectsper m2488,00 RSD


  • Listed prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • Prices are fixed.
  • Pricelist includes prices as defined by the type Contract.


Beogradski sajam
Bulevar vojvode Mišića 14
11000 Beograd

  • Ostoja Ilić – rukovodilac Službe zakupa
    Tel:+381 (0)11 2655 008
    Mob: +381 (0)63 368 847
  • Slaviša Kostić – rukovodilac Odeljenja za koordinaciju zakupaca
    Tel:+381 (0)11 2655 455
    F +381 (0)11 2655 266
    Mob: +381 (0)63 339 821
  • Jovica Dimitrijević – rukovodilac Odeljenja privremenog zakupa
    Tel:+381 (0)11 2655 809
    Mob: +381 (0)63 223 747
    E-mail: jovica.dimitrijevic©
  • Ljubomir Rakočević – referent Odeljenja za koordinaciju zakupaca
    Tel:+381 (0)11 2655 302, 2655 402
    Mob: +381 (0)63 342 766

Bazaar Scheme download (PDF)