International Defense Fair “Partner 2017” opened

International Fair Partner 2017 has been festively opened today. The event was opened by the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar  Vučić,  and on this occasion he pointed out the importance of the military industry for the economy of the Republic of Serbia.

Under the auspices of:  Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia

Co-Organizer:  Yugoimport SDPR

Executive Organizer:  Belgrade Fair

Date:  June 27 – 30, 2017

Venue:  Belgrade Fair, Halls 1 and 4 and outdoor space, total area 17, 710 sq. m. at the halls and 7,250 sq. m. outdoor space, gross total 24,960 sq. m. exhibiting space.

Exhibitors: Total 128 (91 from Serbia and 37 international ones)

Attending Countries: China, India, France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden,  Germany, Italy, United States of America, Denmark, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro,  the Czech Republic,  Ireland, Byelorussia  and Serbia.

Exhibition Units and Attendees:

Hall 1 Ground Floor and Arena
  • Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia with the institutions: Military Technical Institute, Technical Test Center of Serbian Armed Forces, Military Geographical Insitute, Technical Overhauling Institution Kragujevac, Technical Overhauling Institution Čačak, Aeronautical Plant Moma Stanojlović, Military Quality Control,  Military Medical Academy, Military Museum, Yugoslav Air Force Museum, Media Center Defense and Directorate of Standardization, Codification and Metrology.
  • Yugoimport SDPR with ‘Complex Combat Systems’ – PMC Inženjering,  Forging Center,  Utva Aviation Industry,  Serbian Bank, Atera Plus, military production factories and the cooperators: Zastava Weapons, Prvi Partizan, HC Krušik, Milan Blagojević Military Production, Prva Iskra Military Production, Sloboda Company, Teleoptik Gyroscopes, PPT Namenska, Ede Pro, Yumco, Trayal, Senzor Infiz, Sova Night Vision Systems, Dermal R, Zrak DKS, Potisje Precision Cast, Fibo and Imtel Communications.
  • Local Manufacturers of Weapons and Military Equipment: Mile Dragić Production.

Hall 4

  • Cooperators of Yugoimport SDPR: ZPV Production, Vigor, Vatrosprem Production, Technical Overhauling Institution Bratunac, Tigar, Tactical Training Team, Vlajković, Srboauto, Serviteh, Pneumologic,  Pneumatic Flex, Pimi, Patrimons Automotive, Iritel, Holding Kablovi Elmos Factory, FAP Corporation, Lubricants Factory FAM, Electro Umi, EI Opec, Cummins West Balkans,  Evrokomerc, Klimashop, Gosy International, Koddžić and Co., Bexing, Insa, Cadcam Data, Majkić, Loos Investment, Military Engine Factory, Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Tomaga, Mitteler Report Verlag, Advertout, Me-Opta, Dat-Con and Gasop.
  • Independent Exhibitors from Serbia:  Solfins, Eling, PPT-TMO, Vlatacom, Damiba Trade, NB International New Arms Technologies, Orao and Bramy.
  • International Attendees:  Airbus, France, PIK-AS, Austria, Ritter & Stark, Austria, CETC International, China,  Česka Letecka Servisny, Czech Republic, Tyron Runflat, United Kingdom, Timoney Technology, Ireland, Tara Aerospace and Defence Products, Montenegro, POB, Croatia, HBL Power Systems Ltd., India, Unitary Enterprise STC Lemt of the BelOMO, Byelorussia, Investgradnja, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Svet Sejmov, Slovenia.
  • Import – Export and Agent Companies: Romax Trade (Safran Vectronix, Switzerland, Sako, Finland, B&T, Switzerland, Ad2v Industries, Austria, Aimpoint, Sweden,  Mildef, Sweden,  Mehler Law Enforcement, Germany,  Benneli Army, Italy, Surefire, USA,  Carl Walther, Germany, Wiley X Emea, Denmark,  Sesp Group,  United Kingdom, Providence Europe, the Netherlands), Piletić (Roxtech, Croatia,), BO & MY (JL Freight, Bulgaria), CPR Impex C (Montenegro Defence Industry, Montenegro and CPR Impex, Serbia), Avionics andTelecommunication Service (Scandinavian Avionics, Denmark), Zodax (Flyr Systems, USA and Sonic-Communications, United Kingdom), Rohde & Schwarz,  Austria and Beatronic Supply.

Side Event Program:

June 28 – 10:00 – 13:20 – Influence of the Industry 4.0 to the Development of the Defense Technological and Industrial Basis of the Republic of Serbia

Festive Conference Hall – 1st Floor of Belgrade Fair Head Office

June 29 – 10:00 – 13:25 – New Technologies Implementation in the Defense Industry of Serbia

Festive Conference Hall – 1st Floor of Belgrade Fair Head Office

June 29  –  from 14:00  –  Place and Role of the Leaders through the Requirements of Management System Standards

Promotion Conference Hall at the Ground Floor of Belgrade Fair Hall 4

June 30 10:00 – 11:30 –  Codification of Armament and Military Equipment

Large Conference Hall at Belgrade Fair Hall 4 Gallery

Commercial Presentations:

June 28 – 11:00 – CAD CAM DATA – Faster and More Efficient Execution of Research Development Projects, Advancement of Technological and Production Processes of the Defense Industry of Serbia by the Revolutionary 3D EXPERIENCE Platform

Promotion Conference Hall at the Ground Floor of Belgrade Fair Hall 4

June 29 – 11:00 –  CAD CAM DATA – Faster and More Efficient Execution of Research Development Projects in the Defense Industry of Serbia under Significant Savingsby the Implementation of Realistic Simulations

Promotion Conference Hall at the Ground Floor of Belgrade Fair Hall 4

Working Time:

  • June 27 – 10:00  – 17:00 (only for business visitors)
  • June 28 – 10:00  – 17:00 (only for business visitors)
  • June 29 – 10:00  – 17:00 (only for business visitors)
  • June 30 – 10:00 – 19:00 (for business visitors and publics)

Partner 2017 will be open for citizens on June 30, 2017 from 10:00 to 19:00. The ticket price is RSD.350.00. Registration will be compulsory at the entrance with the personal identity document. For the registered business visitors the entry is free of charge also on June 30.

Contact for the Journalists:

Radenko Mutavdžić
Public Relations Directorate
Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia
Telephone:  011 / 3203 473   Mobile 064 8329 752

Tamara Vasiljević
Belgrade Fair Press Department
Telephone:  011/2655 828, Mobile:  063 328 169

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