Technical Fair

Innovation Fund: Non-Repayable Funds for Innovative Solutions of Serbian Companies

The Innovation Fund will have the presentation already on the first day of the Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, May 21, at 12.00 (noon), at the Conference Hall 2B, with the topic „By Innovations to the Market: Non-Repayable Funds for Innovative Solutions of Serbian

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Euro Sitex

Euro Sitex Corporation is a Czech – German company seated in the Czech Republic and production in the Czech Republic, Germany and Bulgaria. The seat of the affiliated company Euro Sitex RS d.o.o. and the logistic center for the territory of Serbia is in Niš.

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Since its establishing, ZEGA company from Istanbul has been specialized in vibration surface treatment, i.e. the machines for finishing processingand with its experienced engineers it has got the objective to reach the highest achieevements in this sector.

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Power Belt

POWER BELT company was founded in 1993, in Hungary, as a V-belt distributer. In order to satisfy the needs of Serbian market, as well, Power Belt d.o.o., seated in Subotica was founded end of 2014, in order to satisfy specific needs of Serbian market.

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DIECASTINNOVA Ltd. company from Bački Petrovac is a constructor office with 30 years of experience within construction of die cast and casting cuts under pressure fot the alloys of Al, Zn, Mg.

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CET is one of the largest computer book publishers in Serbia. This company published so far many titles of the computer bestsellers and many editions of theirs are used within computer education, at the courses, at higher schools and Faculties.

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AlCu Metali

ALCU METALI DOO is a private company specialized in trading with top quality non-ferrous metals of famous global manufacturers. It is the leader in the non-ferrous metal trading in the Republic of Serbia.

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