Expozim Began

Expozim, International Fair of Winter Sport Equipment, Tourism and Recreation, opened its gates for visitors on Thursday, December 7, at 10.00 a. m., at Belgrade Fair Hall 4.

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Sport Vision

SPORT VISION is the agent of the renowned brands Champion, Ellesse, Umbro, Lonsdale and many others. It is the Partner of the leading global sport brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, Reebok. Their products may be found in the 150 retail shops

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ELAN company, the legendary brand within the ski and other winter equipment, will attend Expozim within the Intersport stand.

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Alpina is the leading Slovenian company in high quality fashion, sport and ski footwear production. It is a development oriented company with 70 years long tradition in the brand global establishing.

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SkiBus is the recreation ski club and the largest ski Association in these regions. It includes a great section of the ski population in Serbia, being a very respectable factor of the local winter sport.

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Olympic Center Jahorina

OLYMPIC CENTER JAHORINA will present at Expozim the events that will certainly highlight the forthcoming season. Already on the first Expozim day, December 7, at the OCJ stand, between 12.00 p. m. and 2.00 p. m., the visit of Željko Joksimović is expected as the

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KEREFEKE brand name, with the whole mosaic of winter accessories hidden behind it, was created by Evin Eva Pešić, Akademic painter and multiple snowboard champion, well connecting the sport passion and the love for painting.

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Mountain Rescue Service Serbia

MOUNTAIN RESCUE SERVICE SERBIA (MRSS) is a voluntary and nonprofit organization with the basic objective of help and rescue in the inaccessible mountain and urban conditions. It consists of about 250 active rescuers, many of them experienced mountaineers, highlanders, alpinists, sport climbers, speleologists, divers, skiers

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GRAWE Insurance Inc. Belgrade is one of the leaders within life insurance at the market of the Republic of Serbia. More than 50,000 families, having entrusted Grawe with the insurance, show this is a financially stable company with long term reputation of a reliable insurance

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GORA Ltd. company is one of the leading ones at the local market in the sales of mountaineering and camping equipment. It will exhibit at the Expozim the goods of Fischer, Thermowave, JULBO, Reusch and everything will be offered at the price lower for 20

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UNIVERSCO Ltd. company, General Distributor of DESCENTE products for the territory of Serbia, presents at Expozim and offers at its all retail shops all over Serbia the latest products of this global brand, the latest models of professional ski jackets, trousers and other accessories.

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ASSO is a family business with long term experience in direct sales of various purpose goods, turned into an entrepreneurship company in 2015.

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