Energy Fair


SKF is the leading global technology supplier since 1907. Company’s basic power is the capability of continuous development of new technologies and then their application in the product creation which provide competitive advantages to the clients.

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Mikro Kontrol

MIKRO KONTROL is primarily specialized in industrial automation and management systems. The company offers also engineering services for a wider scope of electrical works and it can fully finalize the projects up to 35 KW.

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Energy, Environment and Protection, a Cocktail that Should Not Be Refused

The signal for start of the incredible exhibition October at Belgrade Fair will be given by the outstanding trio of representative events – 14th International Energy Fair, 15th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair and 41st International Security Fair – 112

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E-mobility Forum

The Festive Conference Hall at Belgrade Fair Head Office is the venue of E-mobility Forum, held on Friday, October 6, the last day of Energy 2017 fair event, at 10.00 a. m. to 3.00 p. m., devoted to the new “energy” technologies in the automobile

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AGM Knjiga

AGM KNJIGA (Book) is a traditional attendee at the Energy and Environment Fairs. It is trade literature publisher within civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, renewable energy sources and lexicography.

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Advantage Austria

Trade Department of the Embassy of Austria as the representative of Austrian economy in Serbia, attends Belgrade Fair for the second time, at the fair events Energy 2017 and EcoFair 2017.

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NORD belong to the leaders in the motor industry mechanical and electronic solutions. It manufactures complete line of mechanical and electronic components, which includes motor reductors, electric motors, frequency switches, servo controllers and other devices of control technology.

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Aleksandar Antić: The Most important Thing is to Keep Technological Pace with the World

Under the slogan “New Energy”, two similar events were opened at Belgrade Fair – 12th International Energy Fair and the 13th International Fair of Environment and Natural Resources Protection – EcoFair. The trade fairs are held traditionally at the same time and take place till

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