Book Fair

Four Countries, One Language

Contemporary literature of a great and polycentric European language – German, gathered four countries at the Book Fair this year – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The writers and publishers from these countries will present to the visitors in the next seven days about a

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Good Impressions Were Supported by Imposing Figures

The attendees, visitors and media representatives often describe Book Fair as a magnificent event and this is supported also by the figures obtained by the organizers after the closing of the 61st review of publishing, literature and culture at Belgrade Fair. On October 23 –

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Open Book Taken Over by German Speaking Countries

The Open Book got the new “owner” – it was taken by the the Ambassadors of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. These countries will get ready in the following one year for the special role at the 62nd International Belgrade Book Fair, where they should

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The Journalist Awards Awarded – Geopoetika is the Best

The reporters at the Book Fair and the journalists following publishing selected Belgrade's Geopoetika for The Best and Most Professional Publisher at the 61st Book Fair. Twenty five journalists from 13 editorial boards voted, declaring with 33 votes Geopoetika the best publisher and the same

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The Most Beautiful Book and Young Designer Awards

Bogdan Kršić Award - for The Most Beautiful Book 2016, was awarded by the unanimous jury decision at the 61st International Belgrade Book Fair to the Book Edition Ars/Techne. In the Borut Vild’s postpress, the book editor is Faculty of Media and Communications from Belgrade.

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