11th INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FESTIVAL 2017-12-14T09:58:14+00:00
Festival nauke

December 14 – 17, 2017

It is our pleasure to announce that the biggest regional Science festival will be held from 14th to 17th of December of 2017 and still with clear purpose: to present, explain and promote science in a manner equally close and clear to everyone no matter of their age and education.

During the last ten years, Serbian Science festival became the biggest science event of the southeastern Europe. The goal of the festival is to affirm well-known scientist and to promote less popular ones from domestic and foreign places, and to encourage interest for science with simple demonstration of a science fact which could be interesting and inspiring as itself and above all, funny.

Serbian Science Festival was founded in 2007 as a result of a desire to point out the science as the inseparable and irresistible part of life and to give inspiring, new and fresh view of the science fields.

Inevitable part of this mission from the beginning was representing the approximation of science to the non-scientific public and to cause interest not just for working in science fields, but the understanding of it in common life.

Numerous science exhibitions, lectures, interactive presentations, reputable associate teachers, enthusiastic public, and more than 150,000 visitors from 2007 till today are the proof that we succeeded in this, and the more increasing interest for the programs which we organize are confirmation that we persist successfully in this work.

In the 11th Science Festival we will present to the public more than 550 young scientists in the interactive and interesting processed science fields, interesting scientific and popular programs on the scene, numerous guests from foreign countries and workshops for the kids as well.

Pedagogues say that the most effective way to learn something is to have an insight of it, so we took care that you have an insight of the irresistible nature of science through the funny and educational program. On the Festival science is easy as game, nice as art, exciting as experiment and funny as show.


Halls 7, 8, 9 and 5


December 14 – 15 (school visits): 10:00 – 19:00
December 16 – 17 (individual visits): 10:00 – 19:00


Ticket Category Price
Single tickets 450 RSD
Parking (daily) 200 RSD

One ticket is valid for one festival day for its daily program in the halls 7, 8, 9 and 5.
Entrance to the Hall 5 to science shows is limited due to capacity of the hall.
Buying a ticket you are owner of the festival seal, which allows multiple entrances to the festival space during one day.
Five-year-olds or those who are younger and followed by parents are free of charge.



Mišarska 10, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 (0)11 4077 573
e-mail: kontakt@festivalnauke.org


Owners: Mladen Petrović i Ana Petrović
Coordination: Tamara Pantelić
Festival content coordinator: Aleksandra Patenković
Main organizator: Jovana Janjić
Public relations: Sanja Ljumović

Tel: +381 (0)11 4077 573
e-mail: kontakt@festivalnauke.org and pr@festivalnauke.org



Halls 7, 8, 9

For age 10+

Would you rather go on a trip to the space or profoundly deep below the ocean? Or you choice would be a trip to the past with a help of virtual reality? What interests you more, animal kingdom or a world of unbelievable plants? Do you dare to face your fears? The zone of interactive settings brings you all of this and even more than that! Come closer freely, feel the science in its best edition, one on one.


Hall 9

For age 10+

The most mysterious and cheerful zone is full of teenagers who come from all parts of Serbia to present especially to you the reason why they went crazy for science! They make their own settings, they explore the world around them with the help of their professors and choose the most interesting way to present you all of their knowledge. The voyage through the science world looks completely different when your peers are your main guides!


Hall 8

For age 7+

It is never too early for the little ones to fall in love with science. Actually, as earlier as the scientific sparks shine, it means only that the kids will be much longer part of the scientific world! In the SMALL ZONE of the Festival, numerous and mysterious settings and workshops are waiting for the little ones which will show them in the most convenient manner the way that science makes world go around, as well how science makes us go around in particular.


Hall 9

For age 10+

Even when you stand still on the ground, believe us, you are in motion – the planet you stand on is in motion as the whole world around you and the one inside you as well. Therefore on this Science Festival we put emphasis on the science in motion. So, there will be polygon with the funniest science settings, experiments and exercises which will show you how our body and our environment transform due to motion. It is on you to make a first step. Ready…. Steady… GO!


Hall 5

For age 10+

Explosions, scientific circuses, escapades, experiments… All of this is part of our SCIENTIFICALLY-FANTASTIC SCENE, which this year presents you as well the best scientific team made of prodigies from all around the world. The local scientific powers will join guests from USA, France, Poland, Estonia and Israel and together they will give their best to show you how science can be exciting, playful and revolutionary!