Dolovac farm boasts 10 ha, of which 3 ha is used for organic production, whereas the conventional production method has remained on rest of the farm. Milenko Dolovac, an informatics engineer, decided to pursue organic production method a few years ago, which now requires the engagement of the whole family.

A complete diversity is present on the Dolovac farm, i.e., from flowers to the most diverse vegetables and fruits. Rows of pears are rich in either roses or marigold. They sow broad bean, which protects the plants against pests, nitrogen-bonding beans that enrich the land, garlic as a natural antibiotic against pests, and leave the weeds that attract aphididae.

Access to organic agriculture has become a holistic system focused on product quality by adhering to ecological principles and natural cycles followed by a high degree of ecosystem and environment protection.

Agricultural Farm Dolovac From Futog

Organic production includes pear plantations (1000 trees), raspberries (more than 100 strands) and aronia, which will be on the rise in the coming years, and until then they should be cared for and nurtured. Pear plantation includes 6 varieties of different ripening times: June beauty, Viljamovka, Karamanka, Kiferova, Kaluđerka and Abate Fetel.

As for vegetable crops, the following vegetables are present: potatoes, garlic, onions, spinach, salad, radish, gourd, carrot, zucchini, cucumber, tomato, broccoli, beans, broad beans, and of course, Futoski cabbage.